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Runtime: 14 minutes.

Online release/sales start 2022

Theatrical release: soon

The Corporates is available on Vimeo On Demand.

„The Corporates“ documents Shelly’s never before seen life during a day in which he must juggle the impact of „fake news,“ a total makeover, a police investigation, and a romantic date.

Jorn Smeets, Lexi Winner, Leo John C. Guinid, Kind Hammond, Art Brown, Maiya Reaves, Sophia Cacciola, Bob Rose, David Fine, Jess Fisher 

Produced and edited by Johannes Grenzfurthner and Günther Friesinger.

Written by Thyr Björnson.

Sound design (and audioscape underlying the narration) created by Rassmus Björnson.

Music by Rassmus Björnson.

Thanks to Ori Merhav, Margeaux Abeyt, Jelle Seegers, Camille Pelissou, Misha Gurovich, Michael J. Epstein, Karin Jonsson, Björn Petersson

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